Memory Session

A horse and their rider are one, and when we lose them its a piece of us that we can never get back. Yet we never truly lose them as they are forever deeply imprinted in our memory and our hearts!

Memory Session

It was on a quiet foggy winter morning, myself, Hannah and her lovely horse Arnie took a stroll around the stables to capture some final images of Arnie. We used the stables as a black backdrop for some headshots and then wandered up the misty path by the paddocks. Arnie was turned out in his best headcollar, with a gleaming coat and shiny hooves. Hannah was convinced she did not want to appear in any of the images, however, I think there is something very special having a picture with your horse so I asked her to take him for a walk and then simply stand with him. Horses react to their owners in such special ways, and my favourite photos are always those little unposed moments that you can't create they just happen!

It's very easy to be swept up in our busy routines, work, riding, competition, that often we don't take the time to simply chill with our horse. A memory shoot is focussed on just that, not the bustle of the yard, your greatest achievements, but you and your horse!
Not ever photoshoot needs to be busy and action-packed, the quiet moments like this make it all worthwhile. 

If your horse is 25 years and older or  soon to be crossing the rainbow bridge a Memory Session is a wonderful way to create lasting memories and spend some truly special time with your horse. 

If this is something you would be interested in or perhaps as a lovely gift to someone special please email me at

Memory Session 

For horses 25 years and older or if your horse will soon be crossing the rainbow bridge.


-2 hour session 

-10 x 8 framed print  

- all images digitally retouched 


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